This Little Land of Mines

2019 Official Trailer for This Little Land of Mines

Southern Sustainability


A short documentary by Erin McGoff about a sustainability startup in Richmond, VA that is disrupting a six billion dollar industry. Please request password to view.

// Director, Editor, Camera, and Producer: Erin McGoff

Other films/edits

Edited by Erin McGoff as her Adobe Make the Cut submission.

Tara & Robbie's wedding in Washington, DC

Mo & Chris' Wedding in Downingtown, PA

Blake & Leigh Ann's wedding in Rockville, MD

Live studio recording/music video of Marlee In The Mixx.

ODE: The Series is a digital series created and produced by Erin McGoff.

Behind the scenes footage of production in Laos for This Little Land of Mines. 

Promo for "Clash of Africa's Giants" on Animal Planet. Edited by Erin McGoff.