Hello loyal fans (aka hi mom)!!

I'm sorry for the gap in blog posts, my domain name has literally been in a limbo stage as I had to renew it and fight for it's independence (shout out to weebly - domain of the free, host of the brave). 

Alright, stay tuned for the end of this blog post as I have a very exciting announcement. 

A couple of brain thoughts I've had lately:

1. Shake Shack has the best burger (there, I said it it's done can we all move on)

2. App idea: dog parks but for people. Dogs take their people to the park and force their humans to socialize. Could be a great place to meet potential suitors, I mean, all dog people are cool, right?

A few things that have happened so far this summer:

1. I saw SNL - LIVE like I saw Saturday Night Live - LIVE!

Quick facts:

-I cried the whole time, literally sobbed.

-Everyones funnier in person, ever since Kate McKinnon joined the cast the game has litrilly changed.

-Drake asked me out but my manfriend was sitting right next to me, things got weird. 

-8H is literally just how I imagined it. Cold, smells like catered food and hairspray. 

2. I got a tattoo of my dog.

-It's a Pablo Picasso illustration he drew of his doxie "Lump". He wanted to capture the essence of a dachshund, and I'm no doctor, but I think he achieved his goal. And no, I'm not a dachshund freak, (yes i am), my tattoo represents my deep love for ALL my animals and living beings.

-Unforeseen consequences of the tattoo: all dachshund owners talk to me about their doxies for a minimum of 2 hours when they see it.

-Effect: I am now an expert on everything dachshund and, I know, long hairs are so much cuter, right!? But be careful with those backs, don't let them jump off beds!

3. I visited my brother who lives in the desert. 

-My brother moved to the desert (more specifically, Tucson, AZ). Great town 10/10 recommend visiting right before the temperature reaches fire pits of hell degrees. 

-If you do go, climb Mount Lemon (with your car of course, who actually walks anymore). They say it's "30 miles and 30 degrees". If your a botany nerd, you get to go through every ecosystem in the US on your way up. You start down below with the cacti and rattlers and by the top you're surrounded by huge sycamores and luscious grass. 

4. I stayed in New York City for a week, and didn't spend a dime. 

-I was selected to attend a marketing summit in the Financial District. 

-Unfortunately my phone decided to give up on me halfway through the summit, so I don't have any photos from it except for this one only because I 'grammed it:

-if you're into Marketing, or are a film major and are just really curious about everything like me, apply! It's called the Marketing EDGE Summit. I think I learned more in 3 days than I did in an entire course at college. 


5. I visited my brothers in Richmond.

-I have a lot of brothers.

-2 of them live in Richmond and run a startup called Temperpack in which they manufacture biodegradable insulation for packaging. 

-We had a legendary weekend. Most details I will not include in this blog post, but I will say that Richmond is a groovy spot. 


This summer I'll be writing a BLOG SERIES called The Art Of Mastering The Morning. 

I predict that the mornings are going to be the next thing to become trendy. In addition to the healthy-yuppi-organic-food-juice-cleanse-yogi-whole-body-soul-earth trend, I think mornings are going to become the next cool thing. 

So stay tuned, and if you have any morning routine that you swear by PLEASE shoot me a message and give me the goods. I've already had a few people send me their morning routines and I've been so fascinated by how everyone prepares themselves for the day. 

Stay present, stay golden and I'll see you in the future. 

xo Erin