The Art of Mastering the Morning [Week 3 - Breakfast]

Hello my little lemons, how's everyone doing on this beautiful day?

So my first week, I outlined why I'm doing what I'm doing. Week 2, I finalized what I'm going to be doing. Moving on, I will be tweaking and experimenting with details.  

That's why this week, I'm Mastering the Art of Breakfast!

I'm asking the big questions. Like what do YOU eat for breakfast and WHY? Do you even eat breakfast? What can't you stand in the morning? Do you eat the same thing every day? Will the Starks arise and win the GAME OF THRONES? *side note: I finished GoT over the weekend ohhhhmyyyyyyywoooowwwwww #KINGOFTHENORTH** 

If you've been following me on Snapchat, you'd know this has been my go-to breakfast this summer. If you haven't been following me and want to, feel free to add me! (just @erinmcgoff, I'm a simple person). Follow me live as I live out everything I'm writing about. PLUS you get to see my grimy face first thing in the morning whilst working out in the humidity so I'm verrrrry purty!

  • My go-to breakfast: greek yogurt with honey, granola with dried fruits and some fresh chopped strawberries or blueberries (depending on my mood).
  • I'm usually not super hungry in the morning, but when I am, I'll have two Eggo waffles with peanut butter and honey (maybe a throw little flaxeed in there too if I'm feeling frisky).
  • My guilty pleasure breakfast is going to a diner and getting chocolate chip pancakes with OJ and a biscuit (also: chickfila breakfast.....ah!). 

After reading my blog last week, I had a few people ask me what I eat for breakfast and that's why I chose to feature that this week. But then I got the idea to start a conversation about breakfast. So I reached out on twitter and asked people what they ate for breakfast. 

I am so passionate about an NY everything bagel toasted with Chives cream cheese and a large coffee with milk and two packets of sugar with a side of fresh strawberries
— Gabi Gaujean

Some international breakfasts: My friends Rebecca Walcott (Trinidad and Tobago native) with a tropical breakfast and Amanda Farnan who's currently in Bolivia, so her breakfast is fresh coffee!

Is my morning routine of a small double shot latte in a real mug from the dav acceptable?
— Claire Russell
1 hard boiled egg w half a tomato w a lil olive oil and salt drizzled on it!!!
and iced coffee w almond milk
— @realsemple (the one, the only)
Whole grain toast, peanut butter, drizzle of honey, sliced strawberry, and chia seeds OH BABY
— Jasmine Nadim
Guilty pleasure: 100p chocolate chip pancakes with a Starbucks mocha and syrup those babies up
— Amanda Farnan

My friend Rosie always makes beautiful breakfasts, so if you need some inspiration... 

Another question that I got asked a lot after my last post was "why the lemon water?"

Here's why:

As I said in the beginning, everyone's body is different and everyone's taste preferences vary. I grew up in an OJ house; we didn't mess around with any of that "milk" or "water" crap--the 6 of us kids could shot gun a carton of Simply Orange OJ on command. So it's always been habit for me to have something citrusy in the morning.

However, there are wonderful benefits to drinking lemon water in the morning as opposed to another drink like OJ, chocolate/normal milk/juice/plain-BORING-water:

1. Low-calorie way to get vitamin C

2. Aids digestion and detoxes 

3. Lemons are a wonderful fruit

But do be careful to not swoosh the lemon juice in your mouth all day, because your teeth will break apart and you will be ugly and all your friends won't hang out with you anymore (#science)


So this week, I'm going to try 5 different breakfasts along with my routine:

Monday: the control breakfast, my typical greek yogurt with berries/granola (green tea and lemon water)

Tuesday: Egg with salt and pepper on toast w/ green tea [minimal, complex and high protein]

Wednesday: either going to try "no breakfast" - aka just tea [just to see how I feel]

                      OR guilty pleasure breakfast [high in fat and carbs - chocolate chip pancakes]

Thursday: protein shake - recipe tbd [what's it like to not eat solid food?]

Friday: smoked salmon and cream cheese on whole grain toasted bagel [big high carb breakfast]

I'll report back with my findings. 

Until next time, beautiful people. I wish you all a healthy and happy week full of many laughs and successes! Spend some time outside, buy a plant, get dinner with a friend you haven't seen in a while. You are in 100% control of your life and what you do with it.


You are already complete, already whole. You need nothing else.
— -Joey Koester (it was on the back of my kombucha bottle)