Women of the Year 2017

With a humble opening, the SOC Woman of the Year, Erin McGoff, addressed the audience by saying “it feels a little weird accepting this award because I think every woman at American University is Woman of the Year.” This message of uniting and strengthening women was interwoven throughout her speech where she spoke of the courage to find your voice and not be afraid to enter into areas typically run by men. She notes in order for women to take on leadership positions in industries like film, where women comprise only 7% of directors, women must feel brave enough to inject themselves into these spaces. “I think the best way for the next generation of girls to grow up feeling fearless and unapologetically ambitious,” McGoff said, “is for us to be those role models for them, like so many were to us.”

Erin McGoff is making her own documentary, teaches martial arts classes at AU, and leads a Bible study for women. Is there anything 2017 SOC Woman of the Year can’t do?