This Little Land of Mines

a documentary produced by Erin McGoff about the US Secret War in Laos

Currently, I'm producing a documentary about the US Secret War in Laos and how 80 million unexploded land mines have killed and maimed tens of thousands of innocent Laotians since the end of the war. 

I have received a Pulitzer Center International Reporting Fellowship and plan to go back to Laos this September to film with my local Lao crew. Currently, the only obstacle is funding - so I am actively applying to grants and seeking other sources of funding. 

Below is the trailer for my upcoming documentary. Edited, shot, written, color corrected and scored by me.


This is a video I made 2 weeks out from my fundraiser deadline. It's responsible for raising almost $3,000 in one week.  

This Little Land of Mines is a feature documentary about how the United States secretly bombed Laos more than any  country in the history of warfare and 80 million unexploded bombs continue to kill and maim hundreds of Laotians every year. 


Production set to begin in September 2017. 

Trailer filmed and edited by Erin McGoff using Premiere Pro. 
Footage shot with a Canon Rebel 50mm lens and shot gun Rhode mic. 
Additional footage from ABC News and the US National Archives.
Trailer features original music composed via MIDI by Erin McGoff using Logic Pro X.

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