Producing and directing a full-length feature documentary just wasn't enough for me, so I decided to start a video-blog series in which I document the process of making this documentary. 


I started this vlog for several reasons, but here's a few:

  • I love inspiring people, as I have been inspired. So I hope I can inspire others to go for their dreams through this vlog series. 
  • To show what it's really like to produce and direct an independent documentary! I would love if someone had already done something like this for me when I was starting out. 
  • To spread the importance of this topic throughout my generation. Who said I should stop at a documentary? The 80 million unexploded ordnance in Laos is an important and relevant issue that my generation has to know about. Since I won't be in the documentary, this is my way of communicating with my peers. 
  • To show funders, grantees, and other individuals supporting the film what I'm up to and how passionate I am about this topic. 
  • To feature me and my hardworking team, so that one day we can go back and watch these to see how far we've come.