Hi, I’m Erin!

I’m a producer, director, and editor with a passion for projects that tell stories about resilience - fiction or nonfiction. I graduated from American University with degrees in Film & Media Arts and Marketing. I’ve interned and worked for Discovery Channel, ABC, Animal Planet, Science Channel, and various production houses. Upon graduation, I received the AU School of Communication Woman of the Year and an International Reporting fellowship from the Pulitzer Center to support my first feature film, This Little Land of Mines, a documentary about 80 million unexploded American bombs in Laos. In two years, I fundraised, designed, branded, marketed, hired crew, applied for grants, wrote, researched, directed, produced, financed, edited, and completed my debut feature documentary with zero debt or regrets, set to premiere in 2019. My first short documentary, Southern Sustainability, premiered in July 2018. I’m currently in pre-production for other exciting projects, and work as a freelance professional editor/producer on the east coast. I’ve worked with clients like Under Armour, Ciena, Sony, Hilton, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and more. Hire me to work on your project!


I’ve visited 25+ countries

I’m the youngest of six children

I studied wine in Scotland (brief quarter-life crisis)

I have two tattoos: Picasso’s illustration of his dachshund, Lump, on my arm + a sister tattoo on my ankle

I love airplane food

I do martial arts (currently a 3rd gup in taekwondo)

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